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A Long, but Hopeful Month

We entered the new year as most families do: hopeful and expectant of what it will hold. However, we were quickly met with many trials and hardships in the month of January. Although the month was challenging, we saw the Lord's faithfulness and kindness in so many ways. Brooke has had extremely bad morning sickness and for most of January was unable to even get out of bed. Even though the sickness has been hard for her and our family, we were able to see the baby at the end of the month. We are glad to report that he or she is doing very well! As we move into February, Brooke has started feeling a little better and has been able to start going back to language lessons a few days. We are so thankful!

During the month of January, our family was also hit with Covid. Drew caught the virus first and by the time we realized it was Covid, Brooke and Emerson were also showing symptoms.Thankfully we all had very mild cases and the kids only showed symptoms for a few days. In Romania, if you are vaccinated you are only required to quarantine for five days after showing symptoms, so we were all in quarantine for about a week. That is how long it took for us all to feel better. Keeping a one year old and a three year old entertained while feeling sick was not for the faint of heart, but we had some wonderful missionary families bring us meals and groceries, and we watched a lot of "Frozen", "Paw Patrol", and "Cocomelon" during that week to keep Lydia and Emerson entertained. We are so thankful our cases were mild, and although it was a challenging week, the Lord saw us through it.

During January, we also recieved two packages from family that were meant to arrive before Christmas. We were so excited! Inside the packages were Christmas presents for the kids. Emerson got some new books as well as the new Hess airplane which he loves! Lydia received a little tutu, a stuff lamb, and several new outfits. We also go some baking goods and warm outfits for the winter months. These packages were such a blessing as they came during such a difficult month and brought us all so much joy! This month Emerson also started back school after the Christmas break. He has been happy because he is able to get back into his routine and be with his classmates again. He currently goes to school for half a day while we are in language class. As soon as we pick him up, he is excited to get back home to see his sister who stays with our wonderful babysitter.

Although January was a trying month, the Lord has been so good to our family and made Himself so real to us. He is our Provider and Comforter, and we are so thankful to serve such an amazing God. We also want to thank all of you who have prayed for us during this difficult month and continue to do so. Your words of encouragment and prayers mean the world to us and we are so thankful. Below are some pictures that highlight our month.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Health of the baby and Brooke's sickness

  2. Our neighboring country Ukraine as well as our colleagues who work there.

  3. Language learning

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