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Even in the Chaos

Transition. It’s a word our family has come to know well over the past few months and will continue to experience for a long time to come. If I’m being honest, sometimes that is hard to come to terms with. Especially when we’ve grown so used to a stable, for the most part predictable day to day life. It’s what we are used to. It is what our kids have become used to. Now, in a matter of days, that predictable life has been turned upside down, and at times thrown into chaos. Do not get me wrong, it has not been bad, in fact there have been many good moments for our family this week.

Change is hard though.

Leaving a house you have come to call home for the past nine months is hard.

Leaving family is hard.

Leaving our church family and friends is hard.

Leaving what is familiar is hard.

Explaining to our three year old that we are not at our new home, but cannot go back to his old home while he looks back at us in tears is hard.

BUT God calls us to the hard places. In the transition and difficulties is where we truly see the end of our ability to control and fix, and our need for Him to be it all. Even in the chaos that has been this first week, He is growing us and building our trust in Him. He is preparing us and we are learning to sit in those feelings that come in hard places and say, “Here you go Lord, not my will or my solutions, but Yours.”

Do we always get it right? Absolutely not. Have tears been shed and questions of doubt come up? Almost daily. But we hold on to the promise of who God is and His faithfulness to meet us where we are and carry us forward.

For His glory.

The Tuckers

Specific prayer requests:

  1. Emerson’s health: he has been sick with a low grade fever the past few days.

  2. Lydia’s sleep: she hasn’t been sleeping well at night since arriving at training.

  3. Rest and focus for Brooke and Drew as we learn the information being taught and care for our children.

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