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Looking Ahead to New Beginnings

It has been two months since we have arrived back in the States and what a bittersweet time it has been. We have been through culture shock once again which at times has been challening. We've experienced a whirlwind of getting settled into a new home, rushing to purchase a vehicle for the family, and figuring out work for Drew. A lot of decisions have had to be made very quickly since arriving back. We have been so grateful to everyone who has been able to help ease the process and we are thankful that we are able to stay in a church home until we figure things out. We have also been able to see God work in so many amazing ways as He has provided for our needs every step of the way thus far.

Although certain aspects of the past two months have been stressful at times, we have been blessed to be with family and friends graciously loving on us. The children love being around their grandparents and being spoiled by them. Being able to have a yard and let the kids go outside when they want whether it is to ride bicycles or just chase each other around has not only been a tremendous blessing for us, but has had a signifcan't, positive impact on our kids in general. However, every member of our family feels the bittersweet tension in this season as we soak in the blessings we have received here while also missing so much of our life in Romania. Some days we still can't believe we aren't there. It's a strange feeling. But when times have been hard and we have longed to be back in Bucharest, God has provided things that have helped us so much. We've heard grandparents at the local park speaking Romanian giving us the opportunity to speak Romanian again, and been able to attend a Romanian church here in Charlotte giving us the chance to worship in Romanian again, something we've greatly missed.

Our main purpose in writing this update, is to give all of our supporters an update on our life and family before we close this blog out. Our foreign missionary journey was one that has forever changed us, as a family and individuals, for the better. There were so many good times that we had in Romania doing many fun things whether as a family or with people we met. We met so many great people there who became such close friends to us. We also got the amazing opportunity to learn a new language to an intermediate level and live overseas serving our Lord. There were also many difficult times we had while living overseas, but we saw God walking with us through it all. Even though those times were hard, our love and faith in the Lord grew and brought us closer to Him. As we close this blog out, here are some updates.

  1. Brooke is going back to her roots as a teacher and is homeschooling Emerson. Emerson was in a preschool in Bucharest, but due to not knowing where we will be in the next several months, we thought it would be best to home school him. It is going really well, so we will re-evaluate when the next school year approaches.

  2. Drew began searching for jobs after arriving back. He looked into ministry opportunities as well as several banks here in Charlotte, but ultimately landed back in insurance. Drew was an adjuster for four years at a large insurance company. Through the referral of a high school friend and after speaking with several agents, the Lord led Drew to a different insurance company where he interviewed for a position as a sales agent. What Drew likes most about this company are their values. Their company values are faith first, family second, and the company third. They begin all meetings with prayer and some of the agents Drew spoke to said they were able to share the Gospel with their clients as they built relationships with them. This is unheard of in the private sector. After multiple interviews and tests, Drew was offered a position there that he has accepted and will start December 1. He is excited to see how the Lord will use him in this position and to work for a company that shares the same values as him. At the moment he has to obtain five insurance licenses before the company contract can be given and signed. He has passed three out of five state exams and has two exams remaining. The licenses he needs are Property, Casualty, Life, Health, and Medicare insurance with Health and Medicare being the final two license he needs.

  3. In January we will travel as a couple to Jacksonville, Florida for a missionary debriefing conference. We will be able to spend time as a couple debriefing our time as missionaries with counselors alongside other missionaries. We are praying that this time is beneficial for us as we continue to transition to life back in America.

We want to thank you all for following our journey as foreign missionaries. We know that our journey is not over as missionaries. Our journey has just led us back to America to share the gospel and be a light where we are now planted. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have served the Lord in this capacity and look forward to how He will continue to use us. We learned so much while overseas and still have such a passion for sharing the hope of the gospel with the lost no matter where we are. Here are some prayer requests as you continue to think of us.

  1. Continue to pray for our transition to life back here in the States. We spent a long time transitioning to life in Romania and had gotten used to that life and culture. For the most part we are transitioning well, but some days are harder than others.

  2. Pray that Drew continues to pass his final two insurance license exams and prepares to start this new journey in December.

  3. Pray for a safe trip to Jacksonville, Florida and that our time is fruitful. Pray that our kids do well as they stay back with grandparents.

  4. Pray that homeschooling Emerson will continue to go well and that Brooke is able to do this well while taking care of Lydia and Claira.

  5. Pray that the kids are able to make friends here in our city as they greatly miss their friends in Bucharest.

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