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As we Prepare

We want to thank everyone who has subscribed to our blog as well as become members. We are excited that you have decided to come along on this journey with us. We hope that one day you will come to Romania on a short-term mission trip to share the gospel with us. We want to ask everyone who has subscribed to become members though. When someone becomes a member, we are able to offer additional benefits such as being able to view family photos and soon to come, Romania photos.. Membership also lets us know who is subscribing to our blog.

The past few weeks have become extremely busy for us. I don't think we have ever been so busy before. Not only are we caring for our family, but we have also begun pre-work for training that begins April 12th. We have also been traveling to partner churches to discuss our roles in Romania. We are so thankful for the churches that have agreed to partner with us in prayer as well as all of the individuals who have decided to partner with us. We need prayer warriors lifting us up in prayer and that is exactly what we are getting with our partners. God has led us to many amazing churches of all sizes.

In the mean time Drew is finishing up the last two weeks of work while also getting our furniture and other items ready to sell. We have a yard sale coming up this Saturday with many items listed on Facebook. It has been so hard going through the house to prepare items to be sold, especially the children's rooms. We have been told that we can have up to two checked suitcases per person along with our carry on luggage. We are finding that trying to fit your life into 3 suitcases each is really difficult. We will attempt to pay for additional luggage as we can. $250 per checked baggage is tough though. Please pray that the airline gives us a 3rd bag free due to humanitarian reasons. However, God is faithful, and is giving us strength to move forward one step at a time. Praise the Lord!

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